Spring 2021 Registration — It’s Sooner Than You Think

By Jhoana T. Merino-Martinez

News Editor

A condensed fall semester leaves little time for students to prepare to register for spring and winter semesters … to be specific, two weeks. 

The window for priority registration for the spring and winter session will last from Monday, Oct. 26 to Tuesday Nov. 1, according to enrollment services. This year, the process is moving online.

“Students do not have to actually meet with their advisor or come to enrollment services,” Angelo Carfagna, associate vice president for university communications, told The Equinox. “We are doing everything possible to keep registration online and remote.” 

Like years past, registration is organized throughout the week depending on credits completed, with the schedule as follows:

October 26: Students with 80+ credits

October 27-28:  Students with 60+ credits

October 29-30: Students with 45+ credits 

November 2-3: Students with 30+ credits

November 4-5: Students with 19+ credits

November 6 & 9: Students with less than 19 credits

November 10: New enrollees 

Students must register from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. on these days.

A New, Virtual Registration 

According to FDU’s academic calendar, priority registration for the spring session happened later in the 2019 fall semester, from Nov. 4 to Nov. 19. However, 2020’s shortened fall semester led to these deadlines being pushed earlier, raising a concern about how this year’s process will go. 

Undergraduate students are still required to meet with their advisor to approve their planned schedule and release the web registration hold on the day assigned to their respective credit completion. 

Graduate students do not have a hold, though it is advised that they should meet with an advisor for their schedule. 

While there are no “signatures” required to initially register for undergraduate programs, specific graduate programs require department approval in the form of an email from an advisor. 

Additionally, Equal Opportunity Fund (EOF), Honors and QUEST students still require approval from their respective departments. While signatures were the norm in years past, emails will be accepted to be allowed to register. 

Carfagna said each academic department has been asked to update available courses to the course catalog by Friday, Oct. 9. Spring and winter courses are available on Webadvisor from Monday, Oct. 5. 

Cafagna advises that students should check their Webadvisor accounts under “hold and registration information” to see if there are any holds placed that might delay their registration process. 

There are different types of “holds,” such as an accounts-receivable hold, loan hold and medical records hold. 

“The students will be informed of the department to contact to resolve the hold, depending on the type,” Carfagna said. 

Students may be allowed to register for winter courses until Dec. 7 or until a day before a course begins, according to the email from enrollment services. 

Requests to add/drop courses can be made to the student’s advisors via email, which would then be forwarded to enrollment services. 

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