What to Expect in Tonight’s VP Debate

By Johnathan Miller

Special Correspondent

Tonight, Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris (Calif.) will face off for the first and only vice presidential debate at 9 p.m. before the presidential election Nov. 3.  

The debate is viewable on all major news networks (CNN, C-SPAN, MSNBC, FOX News, NBC, ABC, CBS) or on streaming services such as Hulu and YouTube as well. 

The Equinox will live blog this event, starting at 8:30 p.m., and on Twitter.

We inaugurated our live blog coverage of the debates Sept. 29 during the matchup between President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden.

The debate will be hosted at the University of Utah’s Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah, with Susan Page, Washington bureau chief for USA Today, as the moderator. 

The debate will have a similar format as this year’s presidential debates, with nine segments broken down to 10 minutes apiece. Topics have not been disclosed, in contrast to the first debate. 

The debate will have extra precautions in place, especially after President Trump tested positive for COVID-19 shortly after the first debate. He was hospitalized for three days and remains quarantined at the White House. 

The candidates will be tested for any trace of the virus prior to the debate and will not shake hands. 

There will be extra space between them: a distance of 12 feet instead of 7 feet apart. It’s also a change from the first debate — guests who do not wear masks will be escorted out. This comes after many of Trump’s guests took off their mask when they sat down for the first debate.

Join The Equinox again tonight. 

Johnathan Miller (Twitter: @JMiller_NJ) is a senior political science major from Lacey, N.J. He is glad to join the Equinox in covering the 2020 Presidential Election for students and to help students understand and participate in the political process.

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