EDITOR’S NEWSLETTER: What the Heck Is a Bilby?

By Elizabeth Scalzo


When I travel home to my small central Pennsylvania town of Philipsburg, there’s exactly three things I look forward to seeing — my family, my pets and a Bilby. 

OK, I know: what’s a Bilby and why is it so good?

A Bilby is kinda like a stromboli and a sub had a baby. The outside is baked pizza dough folded in half and left open to look like a taco and the fillings are, well, whatever you want. Bilby fillings can range from a Philly cheesesteak’s contents to a meatball sub to a club sandwich. 

There are exactly two places you can buy a Bilby: Joey’s Restaurant in Houtzdale, Penn., or Joey’s to-go in Philipsburg, Penn., but enough about food. 

When I came home, all I expected to see was Trump signs everywhere, which there were, but to my surprise, a few yards posted up Biden signs. 

Speaking of the election: What exactly has The Equinox done to cover it?

So glad you asked. We published our first ever live-updated blog during the first Presidential Debate! The blog was a team effort with our special correspondent for politics Johnathan Miller writing, managing editor Amaya Morales editing and myself producing on the website. Our social media team members also had a huge part in promoting the blog. You can expect to see more live blogging from The Equinox in the near future.

Last week was a busy week at FDU with the first virtual “Meet the Greeks” taking place over four nights — which The Equinox covered every night. 

What you missed at Meet the Greeks:

The Equinox also got an exclusive look at the behind the scenes of athletics student managers and athletic trainers during COVID-19 thanks to staff writer Jen Malti.

The Equinox also continued the roundtable series with a special on the voting process for the 2020 election.

What else you missed last week:

Now that midterms are wrapping up, The Equinox plans to continue election coverage, as well as what is happening on campus, as well as the future of FDU in the COVID-19 world.

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Chicken tender Bilby

Art by Elle Scalzo