Go Greek Say Those in the Know

By Amaya Morales

Managing Editor

(For full disclosure, I am a sister of Alpha Sigma Tau.)

Many people have a common misconception about sorority women, says senior Amber Vandergroot, a sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi. She says: 

“Society says ‘sorority girls’ but I say growing together, learning together, working together, being together, laughing together, crying together and being who we want to be and who we truly are which is sisterhood and being a part of Aephi.”

As with many of the fall semester’s most anticipated events, Meet the Greeks is hosted virtually on Zoom.

Each night, several organizations present their chapter using information on their history, the philanthropies they support, and introduce current members and alumni. Some chapters also invited their brothers and sisters from other campuses to fraternize and get to know each other. The organizations will discuss upcoming events they are hosting and how interested students can reach out to learn more.

Meet the Greeks is supervised by Rashard Mills, the director at the Office of Student Life and Greek life. In between presentations, Mills encouraged students to leave positive feedback in the chat box on Zoom and played music for students to enjoy, running the event as if it were being hosted in-person.

Monday night was the opener of this weeklong virtual celebration. Here are some highlights:

Alpha Epsilon Phi, the Phi Xi chapter, kicked off Night One with chapter president Maryam Ahmad. She introduced other sisters within the organization and shared a short video with pictures of the sisters at various events and outings.

Enviasia Mitchell, president of Alpha Kappa Alpha, Sorority Incorporated, Nu Kappa chapter, introduced her active sisters and discussed the sorority’s history. She also played a video that included a stroll number. 

Juan-Lorenzo Martinez, president of Lambda Sigma Upsilon, the Ciguayo chapter, and InterGreek Council, introduced his brothers Nadesh Barrett and Caesar Sanchez, who also shared contact information before playing a video focusing on Black Lives Matter. 

Karen Castro and her sisters of Lambda Theta Alpha, Eta chapter, introduced their line and numbers before sharing more about the chapter.

All the sororities and fraternities — whether strolling or sharing fun facts — are making noise to encourage fellow students to join Greek Life.

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Art by Amaya Morales