EDITOR’S NOTE: Wroxton Not for Sale and Spring Semester to Start on Time

By Elizabeth Scalzo


Awaiting the official word of what is going to happen for the spring semester can be  anxiety-inducing. Still, President Christopher Capuano, in an interview with The Equinox, expressed optimism about the spring semester and put an official end to a rumor that circulated Tuesday about Wroxton College.

Capuano said, “there is no plan to sell Wroxton or a proposal. All proposals must go through me prior to the board [of trustees] receiving them.” 

Though the spring semester is a few short months away, Capuano is optimistic. 

“Everything really depends on the students and if we can manage cases this fall, I hope we can further reopen this spring with more in-person classes,” he said.

A plan for the spring semester is expected by the end of October, depending on federal and state guidelines, he said.

Capuano said the strategic plan for the university is being redone; the last one covered 2015-2020. The entire university (that includes both New Jersey campuses) will continue to restructure programs for “a better and more effective environment” for students, Capuano said.

This semester, Capuano takes pride in the few COVID-19 cases on campus thus far and said he knows cases are inevitable, but the university is handling the contact-tracing process and has improved it after the initial cases appeared at the Florham Park campus.

Since winter break is longer (Nov. 25-Jan. 24), there is more opportunity for students to take advantage of the full online classes during this time, Capuano said.

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A behind the scenes look of our third President’s Roundtable. (The Equinox Staff).