Get Going Virtually! Sign In and Sign Up for Organizations on Campus

By Naniyah McClain

Staff Writer

No commencement green, no tables, no bouncy house and no in-person communication. Yet, FDU’s Metropolitan Campus’s annual signature Student Club & Organization Fair is happening! To know what clubs may interest you, check out the schedule.

The organization fair’s first virtual fair on Zoom continues through Saturday, Sept. 26, from 10 a.m. and until between 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. Reminder, click this link to join the sessions already underway.

The Metro Student Club & Organization Fair is an annual event that gives students the opportunity to explore displayed organizations, with the hopes of joining one and being involved on campus. 

Since March, every FDU event has gone virtual in lieu of limited in-person options in accordance with CDC coronavirus guidelines. Despite this, FDU students can still get involved at the Metro campus community, while this year’s org fair will look a bit different. 

Rashard Mills, assistant director for student union building operations, described how the organization fair has been done in the past. 

“Usually we’re on the Commencement Green. …  It’s always a good time because we create a family-style atmosphere,” he said. This year, FDU will “keep that essence and find some way to do it virtually.” 

The 2020 virtual Student Club & Organization Fair will include giveaways, dance music, other forms of entertainment and online activities in between each club’s half-hour presentation slot.

A student’s life can be enhanced by joining an organization because it will have many benefits to join the FDU community. 

Mills said, “It’s important for students to learn transformation skills while learning real life experiences, build character, become self aware, build positive relationships, and networking amongst themselves in order to develop business opportunities on and off campus.”

‘The Equinox’ Will Be There

If you want to learn more or are thinking about becoming a member of The Equinox, our slot is Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 4 p.m. Meet some of the members of our newspaper staff who will discuss the dedication and thrill of covering campus life.

While this year’s fair may be different from ones in the past, it is worthwhile to attend. Be sure to ask questions and do not be afraid to take the first step to get involved — you could develop skills that will have a positive impact on your life.

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Photo by @fdusga on Instagram