EDITOR’S NEWSLETTER: 2020 Saddens Us Again

By Elizabeth Scalzo


With the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg this weekend, I took some time to look back on everything that has happened in 2020.

Reflecting on the craziness that occurred in the world since March makes it seem like these things happened ages ago. We all said goodbye to our friends for the week of spring break and many still have yet to see those same friends in person again. 

Also, seeing how COVID-19 is affecting my hometown Philipsburg, Pa.,  and the surrounding area since the reopening of Penn State, I am grateful for where I am and being with my roommates in our apartment. My high school’s football game was cancelled Friday because the team they were scheduled to play, played a team the previous week that has reported COVID-19. 

The fact high-school sports are even happening seems bizarre, let alone there is a possibility of everyone on both teams — and the people in their lives — catching the coronavirus. 

It makes you thankful for the small wins we have each day. 

This week, I truly worked on what it means to encompass great leadership. The Equinox has come a long way since May, but we still have a long way to go throughout the rest of this semester. 

As a news organization, we had a few goals for our coverage this semester and the staff is working hard to  accomplish those goals. This was our last week:

We covered social justice last week in a piece about Greek life by Nancy Sanchez-Diaz.

Our special correspondent Jonathan Miller wrote about Joe Biden locking in New Jersey’s vote as we covered one of our focus topics for this semester: the election.

On the campus, the first positive student case appeared at the Florham campus, reported by Anthony Covino.

Other stories from last week:

As the semester moves into midterm season, make sure to check in with yourself and take some time for much needed rest. The semester will be over before we know it, so take time to enjoy it — even if it’s through a Zoom screen.

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Since March, 2020 has been full of changes.

Art by Elizabeth Scalzo