Commuters Adjust to Changes Caused by Pandemic

By Amaya Morales

Managing Editor 

The FDU community has one thing in common: We have mostly stayed home since March.

On a large scale, it has been a big deal for many who feel depressed not being able to be with friends. But, who wouldn’t want to learn or work while wearing pajamas? 

On a smaller scale, COVID-19 has drastically changed the way society lives, works and plays. Here at FDU, sudden plans to participate in remote learning, starting last March, affected the way students learn and professors teach. 

For some, going to campus was a break. These seniors have different experiences in this new kind of learning.

Roman Mioduszewski, a senior sports administration major, said that being home has helped him focus and bring his grades up. He lives in Union, NJ.

“I have time to study and do my homework and not blame traffic or being late to class. I’m always on time now and I pay attention,” Mioduszewski said in a phone interview with The Equinox. 

“[My grades] have actually gotten better … I feel like that I commute half-an-hour to 45 minutes every day so that time I’m not commuting, or going to class, I study for like 20 minutes,” he said. 

“It’s definitely been a struggle being home all the time for classes. Going to campus was a great way to escape the home environment when doing homework,” said Jade Silva, a senior majoring in English, who commutes from Rochelle Park, N.J. Silva spoke via text to the Equinox. 

Amy Moreno, a senior criminal justice major from Hawthorne, N.J., said remote learning has affected her.

“Remote learning has made it harder for me to concentrate and want to learn during Zoom classes,” said Moreno via text to The Equinox. 

“My grades have not been affected as much but it has made it harder to get things done accordingly without leaving it for the last minute,” Moreno added.

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Commuters have had to adjust to learning virtually from home since March.

Art by Amaya Morales