EDITOR’S NOTE: A Message to Freshmen During Move-in

By Elizabeth Scalzo


Cars packed, hours of setting up the perfect dorm room, meeting your roommate for the first time and a sappy goodbye from your family as they leave you for this new thing called college.

That picture is how most people imagine their first move-in experience to go, however COVID-19 took that away from this year’s freshman.

Instead FDU students get 90 minutes, one person, most likely no roommate and hours of finishing their dorm room set up alone. As I have said many times, 2020 is the “year like no other” and I am here to tell you that the FDU Community is standing with you.

As you venture into this new part of your life The Equinox would like to offer a huge welcome to FDU and know we are here to make the student voice heard.

The community is here to guide you and help you through this difficult time. Make sure you are checking in with the person you met while waiting for your food at Riverside Cafe and go to the virtual versions of events to get involved on campus.

Although this isn’t the move-in experience you hoped for, it will be one you won’t forget. We are living through a time that will be in history books long past our time here. Be a part of that history by tagging @equinoxfdu in your move-in photos on Instagram and Twitter.

While move-in is happening periodically over the next two weeks, make sure to check in with The Equinox for all your campus news updates.

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College move-in.