Voting Is Vital to Democracy, Say FDU-Student Athletes

By Jen Malti 

Staff Writer

With racial tensions rising and the election nearing, FDU athletes are taking a political stance and calling on people to vote. 

“As an athlete, it’s important to utilize my platform and address the oppression that minorities are being faced with,” Christa Waterman, a junior defender on the women’s soccer team, said via Snapchat message to The Equinox. 

“We should be standing up to the infringement of the rights and the abuse of power on black and minorities by some law enforcement officers. Staying silent is equivalent to turning a blind eye to the events that are currently transpiring,” she wrote.

Civil unrest followed the recent Jacob Blake shooting by police in Kenosha, Wis., and the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery in May in Brunswick, Ga., among others rocking the nation, making it even more important to seek out causes to support. 

“It is very important to use my social-media platform to address these issues during this difficult time. Using my platform to share these issues is the best way for people to see how the black community is treated and it also shows that I support them (100%),” Roman Mioduszewski, a senior track athlete, said via text message to The Equinox. 

“This might be the most important election to vote in because we’re either going to get worse or better,” Elyjah Williams, senior men’s basketball forward, said via an Instagram message to The Equinox. 

The three athletes highlighted issues most important to them regarding the upcoming election.

One issue is addressing the pandemic. 

“COVID-19 has been an ongoing issue for this country that could have easily been controlled with the correct collaborative leadership,” Waterman said. “It is imperative to elect a leader who will not only lead the country well, but a leader who will empathize with everyone who inhabits this land and calls it home.” 

Another concern is the importance of equality for all. 

“One of the most important issues that need to be addressed in the up and coming election is equality,” said Mioduszewski. “If the next president can take care of the equality issue that our country is dealing with, then I feel that it will be a step in the right direction.”

For Williams, it’s the division that permeates our country. 

“I think we just need a president that doesn’t divide our nation. These are times where we really need leadership and we need someone to provide that for us,” Williams said.

Waterman reiterates why she will vote. 

“As a black woman, it is important for me to exercise the rights that my progenitors fought tirelessly for. Today, I have the opportunity to make my voice be heard by casting my vote and helping to enable the change I believe my country needs,” she said. 

With Election Day coming up in two months, The Equinox reminds students to register to vote by Oct. 13, so that your voice will be heard.

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Roman Mioduszewski, left, Christa Waterman and Elyjah Williams are fired up about voting in the upcoming election and share why voting is so important for all students. 

Art by Jen Malti