Metro Communication Program Pushes Forward During COVID-19

By Elizabeth Scalzo


COVID-19 forced many class cuts for the FDU Metropolitan campus communication department. What will that mean to communication students?

“Our goal has always been for students to graduate on time, so we will work with students,” Dr. Christopher Caldiero, the new deputy chairman of the department, told The Equinox Wednesday.

The Florham and Metro campuses are in the first semester of a reorganization and the changes in the communication department may reflect other changes rippling through FDU concurrent with the challenges of the pandemic.

Many options are available for students to fill in their degree audit. At the Metro campus, communication students have the opportunity to earn up to six credits from outside internships that will transfer into course credits under their concentration. Caldiero Said.

There is also the option for course substitution, subject to approval by the academic advisor, but is possible for many courses. Students can also choose to do an independent study as long as they can find a professor to oversee them Caldiero said.

“We have our program on both campuses, students can then choose to take classes at either, or even both campuses if they choose depending on their specialties or focus,” Caldiero said.

Something many students may not know is that the ratio of students for Florham to Metro is 4-to-1. The Florham campus has around 160 students in its communication program, and Metro has around 40 students, Caldiero said.

The number of full-time faculty reflects this reality. Florham has six full-time faculty members, Metro has two. 

With the combining of programs, Caldiero hopes more students will take advantage of courses at both campuses, even though it’s not required. 

Caldiero also said that with the recent faculty changes at the Metro campus he is available to answer any questions students may have regarding advising, academics, degree audit and program changes. Students can email Caldiero at

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