How to Improve Online Classes

By Nancy Sanchez-Diaz

Entertainment Editor

In Monday’s general meeting, The Equinox staff members were asked to engage in a flash poll and describe what makes a good online class. This is what they had to say:

Elizabeth Scalzo

“Class discussions about relevant topics.”

Jasper Macatulad

“Visual aids and more interaction between professor and student.”

Jen Malti

“Interactive classes, not just lecture-type classes so students feel more engaged.”

Anthony Covino

“Frequent communication from professors.”

Jhoana Merino

“Planning out assignments to a T and not just leaving important assignments in the air or with too much free time in between.”

Sonal Tulsyani

“Having the ability to revise assignments. Since we are not always able to meet with professors, it would be helpful if we could receive feedback on assignments to make up for that and have the chance to improve them, too.” 

Amaya Morales

“Using different media/resources to grasp a student’s attention.”

Nadia Tejeda

“Full effort from professors and students.” 

Naniyah McClain

“Patience makes a great online class because technological problems are inevitable.”

Tell us what you think makes an online class great. 

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Art by Amaya Morales.