EDITOR’S NEWSLETTER: New Semester, New Challenges, The Equinox Coverage Continues

By Elizabeth Scalzo


2020 has tested my patience and continues to pile stress into my life, as I hear it has for many other students.

Starting classes online was a nightmare for many of us. Equinox staffers recounted their first days last week, and I evaluated my first day through an editor’s note.

Sports editor Anthony Covino broke down the process of the required COVID-19 training for all FDU community members.

Nancy Sanchez-Diaz covered FDU’s new FDU Anywhere app .

Aside from the technical problems and some professors having an apparent lack of interest in teaching online, the first week was mediocre. However, even in times of mediocrity, we as students persist to create the best possible outcome.

The communication department had a tumultuous week as a top professor left the department before fall classes started to pursue other opportunities; two new adjunct professors were hired to fill the exiting professor’s teaching slate; and a new deputy chairman, Dr. Christopher Caldiero of the Florham campus, was named to lead the department’s Metropolitan campus operations. 

While school will quickly take over our lives while this quite different fall semester commences, I want to remind everyone to check on their friends — and their own mental health. This first week back of staring at a screen for several hours a day took an unexpected toll on me. We need to be there for each other now more than ever.

FDU will continue to offer S-CAPS resources (Student Counseling and Psychological Services) virtually. To contact a counselor, call 201-692-2174.

As for The Equinox, our semester plans include continuous coverage of campus, the presidential election, COVID-19, social justice movements such as Black Lives Matter and the climate crisis.
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Art by Elizabeth Scalzo.

Learning remotely brings new challenges for students.