EDITOR’S NOTE: Back-to-School Swirl Begins With Shock, Awe and Resilience

By Elizabeth Scalzo


A new apartment, a new desk, an 8:30 a.m. class via Zoom, unpacked stuff but piles of stress and wishes for life back to normal. 

That is how my Monday morning and the first day of the fall 2020 semester began, and it only got more bizarre as the day went on. My communication theory class, scheduled for 8:30 a.m., was to be taught by Dr. Bruno Battistoli. 

However, to my surprise, there was a last-minute change to Dr. Zhebin Sun.

Professors swap courses all the time so this was no big deal until Sun informed the class that Battistoli left the university to pursue other things. 

With no idea who would teach my 10 a.m. course — it was supposed to be a Battistoli-taught course, and feeling saddened by my academic advisor leaving the university, my day was off to a rough start. The 10 a.m. class ended up never happening. Meantime, I was notified my Wednesday evening class was canceled.

With stress piling on, I found out there was just university paperwork that needed to be completed in order for my new professor to take over the 10 a.m. course.

Everything seemed to settle as I prepared to meet with the amazing staff of The Equinox. New faces and a new semester mean a lot of things for the team. We have a new website, a specific URL for the website, fduequinox.com

Check it out. We promise to continue doing what journalists do best, cover the news, like the abrupt departure of a beloved teacher and other unforeseen changes. 

But first: Let’s welcome the new members of The Equinox:

  • Jenn Malti — staff writer //add graduation here or class // 

And three new members of the newly created advertising team:  

  • Jasper Macatulad — //graduation year or class//
  • Nadia Tejeda — //graduation year or class//
  • Lauraini Bautista — //graduation year or class//

We will continue to say this is a year like no other and, while we must continue reporting remotely, The Equinox will do everything to keep the students, faculty and staff updated on all matters at the university.
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Photo by Elizabeth Scalzo.

Class at home set up.