EDITOR’S NEWSLETTER: Old Friends and New Times

By Elizabeth Scalzo 


As summer dwindles and thoughts of the upcoming semester cluster our minds, it’s important to make sure you catch up with those you’ve known most of your life. Needing to socially distance while seeing them is a new reality, but it’s possible. 

As The Equinox’s summer internship comes to a close, I will forever remember this summer as the one where we truly tried to cover it all. News never stops and the team this summer worked hard to learn new skills, polish old ones and keep the student body informed. 

Since COVID-19 became a part of our lives,The Equinox has adapted to the change quickly and our website will forever be a record for the summer like no other. 

Last week:

  • News Editor Jhoana Merino-Martinez covered President Christopher Capuano’s update about the fall semester . 
  • Sports Editor Anthony Covino then followed with the Northeast Conference announcement postponing fall sports. 
  • Merino-Martinez covered the library and computer lab protocols as The Equinox continues to analyze and report on the 37-page PDF plan for the fall reopening. 
  • In the midst of it all. our COVID-19 roundtable series continued, this time focusing on financials. Our last episode for this summer series is scheduled for Thursday and covers academics. 

The Equinox is still looking for photographers, sports writers, staff writers, graphic designers, an artist or cartoonist and video-team members to join us for the fall semester. A general interest meeting is happening August 11 at 8p.m. via Zoom. For more information please email equinoxfdu@gmail.com

With summer ending, I plan to spend time with old friends and family to make the most of the time I have with them. This week I was able to do so by visiting a park in my hometown. 

Make the most of what is left of summer before classes start and we are back into our regularly scheduled lives with classes, work and activities to keep us busy. 

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Catching up with old friends may not look like this anymore.