Transportation Protocols for the Fall: What About Commuters?

By Nancy Sanchez-Diaz

Entertainment Editor

Transportation protocols for the fall semester will be based on NJ statewide guidance on transit, according to the reopening plan announced by President Capuano on July 20

According to page 24 of the reopening report, students and employees commuting via public transit are required to wear masks both on and off the conveyance used. 

Standard hygiene measures such as washing hands and/or applying hand sanitizer are strongly encouraged. 

University fleet vehicles, used for student transportation, will have a maximum capacity of 11 passengers, excluding the driver. 

In addition to limited capacity and enforcing masks-wearing, fleet vehicle custodial departments will be responsible for the thorough cleaning of these vehicles after every use. 

Only one staff member will be allowed to clean a vehicle to allow for social distancing. 

Staff will also be trained on proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures, along with safe-product usage guidelines. Disposable masks and gloves will be used. 

“All Public Safety officers will be wearing face coverings and will maintain the six-foot social distancing when responding to calls,” David Miles, director of Public Safety, said via email to The Equinox.

“Officers will not be riding in patrol vehicles together and we may have one vehicle (van) equipped with a plastic shield, separating driver and passenger in the event we have to transport any member of the campus community. All Public Safety vehicles and office areas will be disinfected whenever shifts change.” 

CDC and local health officials state that those who have been diagnosed with COVID-19, suspect they may have it or are being evaluated for it should not use rideshare, public transportation or taxis.

“All riders must wear a face covering, and I would also recommend that students wear gloves as they will be touching areas that may not have been sanitized,” he said. 

Like dorming students, commuter students are expected to take personal responsibility to look out for their own safety and the safety of others. 

“In addition to the general safety tips, such as avoiding late-night travel alone, avoiding dark areas and making sure the license plate matches your driver’s, riders now have to take safety precautions due to pandemic,” Miles said. 

“It is my position that we will do everything we can to protect the officers as well as members of the campus community.” 
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Art by Nancy Sanchez-Diaz.

The fall reopening plan details on-campus transportation.