NEC Postpones Fall Sports and Championships

By Anthony Covino

Sports Editor 

The presidents of the universities in the Northeast Conference on Tuesday night postponed all fall sports athletics and championships. This applies to FDU’s teams scheduled to play in the fall — men’s and women’s cross country, men’s and women’s soccer, women’s volleyball — and other NEC sports where FDU does not compete: field hockey and football. 

The council agreed to meet again by October 1 to discuss the public health crisis and competitive options.

“While this decision was exceedingly difficult and will be incredibly heartbreaking for our NEC student-athletes, coaches, and administrators, the NEC Council of Presidents focused on the importance of the health and safety and well-being of our entire campus communities,” NEC Commissioner Noreen Morris said in a press release.

The teams are approved to practice, have skill instruction, hold team and individual meetings, continue strength and conditioning and engage in athletic training following conference protocols and NCAA rules, along with campus, local, and state health and safety guidelines, the NEC said.

The Equinox will follow up on this breaking news to see how FDU will implement this plan and its economic consequences on the athletes and the school. 

FDU also has a decision regarding their athletes who are seniors entering the 2020-21 school year. Will these student-athletes get an extra year of eligibility?

This is the second-straight semester where the pandemic has brought athletics to a halt. Spring sports last year were stopped after spring break.


NEC postpones fall season because of COVID-19.