EDITOR’S NEWSLETTER: Leadership Needs a Break, Too

By Elizabeth Scalzo


This summer continues to teach me about what it is to be a leader. You have to be there to guide people, but you also have to realize that it’s okay to take a step back when you need a break. Starting the week, I was burnt out. I knew that but I continued on because, with the 37- page PDF sent out by President Christopher Capuano on Monday, I knew my team would need to break it down for the FDU community.

Running the summer internship for The Equinox has made me realize how much the student body truly relies on us for credible information and I knew how overwhelmed I felt receiving the document. Chances were, my peers felt the same way.

I started off my already busy Monday — filled with five meetings — by reading and breaking the PDF into sections for the team to work on. We also had our fourth episode of the COVID-19 roundtable series to work on, and we needed to continue planning for the fall semester.

Naniyah McClain covered the news that International students across the country could feel some relief since ICE dropped the student visa restrictions after multiple lawsuits.

This week two separate town hall meetings were held. Entertainment editor Nancy Sanchez-Diaz covered One hosted by the Black Student Union. McClain, staff writer and social media team member,covered the other, hosted by the university

News editor Jhoana Merino Martinez explained the screening and testing protocols for the fall semester. 

McClain broke news Campus Clear app, which FDU plans to use this fall to help with contact tracing.

When I became Editor-in-Chief, I knew that this summer would be vital for The Equinox and that I had a lot of work to do in order to lead my team into what we’ve achieved thus far. However,I  realize I need to take a day off and let my amazing team take care of things, which I did Saturday and focused on my mental health.

As we prepare to return to FDU, the community needs to make sure it is focusing on both physical and mental health. This semester is going to have drastic changes from the normal we are accustomed to and it is important we take care of ourselves.

As the summer internship goes into week 10, The Equinox will release another COVID-19 focused roundtable on Thursday at noon, this time exploring financials. As we continue to break down the 37- page reopening-plan PDF, you can expect more stories explaining the main points. 

This week our workshop will focus on video stories and managing editor Amaya Morales is teaching.

We are also still looking to expand our advertising team and graphic design team. If you are interested please email equinoxfdu@gmail.com.

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Art by Elizabeth Scalzo.

It is okay to take a break and recharge.