EDITOR’S NEWSLETTER: Anxiety Regarding Fall 2020

By Elizabeth Scalzo


Week 8 of the summer brought the realization that the fall semester is coming at an alarmingly fast rate and we need to work faster to prepare for it.

Although we uploaded a plethora of stories and conducted a special edition roundtable with President Christopher Capuano, I still couldn’t seem to focus on the tasks in front of me. Why? Anxiety. 

I’m sure you are feeling the same, knowing the fall semester could change your life. I suggest you start searching for hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes and masks — if you don’t already have them. It may take a while to gather these essential supplies. Being well-prepared seems one of the few ways to ease anxiety. 

Thinking ahead to our return, The Equinox released our second set of student polls, this time about dining — which will differ greatly upon student return to campus. Our polling series is led by staff writer Sonal Tulsyani.

I also took a moment to reflect on my one-on-one discussion with Capuano in my mid-week editor’s note. It was an eye-opening conversation. I was surprised with the amount of connections Capuano has to maintain throughout this time to assure FDU is creating the safest plan for the community to return. As we return to school Capuano hopes students will hold each other accountable for the plans to create a standard for other 

Our team is continuing to work hard even while taking summer classes, going on vacation, working and doing other internship opportunities. Covering every piece of news this summer is challenging, but it’s creating a team of fantastic journalists who can teach the future of our organization.

While our search still continues to grow our team in the graphic design and advertising fields, I am excited to see what our current team will accomplish as our summer all too quickly comes to an end.

Other stories posted this week:

Many of these stories were in relation to our roundtable series, which will continue this week and focus on residence life this fall. As always, the new episode will drop on Thursday at noon.

This week, we will begin the preparation for the fall 2020 semester with our editorial board creating tools for new members to use in order to help them adjust to the fast pace of The Equinox. Our two workshops for the internship will focus on more AP Stylebook and the basics of news writing. The Equinox continues on and will publish what the FDU community needs to know.

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Art by Elizabeth Scalzo.

Prepare for fall 2020 now to help reduce anxiety.