EDITOR’S NOTE: Speaking With President Capuano

By Elizabeth Scalzo


We can learn a lot from the top decision-maker during this uncertain time. 

With that in mind, The Equinox welcomed the chance for a one-on-one discussion with FDU President Christopher Capuano on Wednesday, July 15. It was the latest roundtable, focusing on the big picture of reopening FDU in a few short weeks. 

Capuano told us he starts his morning like a lot of us — with a cup of coffee, only his day begins shortly after 5 a.m. On any given day, he said he works 12 to 16 hours depending on his schedule and what needs to be accomplished that day. 

He also said he tries to visit both of FDU New Jersey campuses at least once or twice a week. While he usually stays outside, he needs to check and make sure work is still in progress.

When working on plans, there are a number of people Capuano said he keeps in contact with. The most interesting point he made was FDU’s connection with the New Jersey state government. Some of those who work in the state offices are FDU alumni, which gives us a direct connection to the government, he said. 

During the interview, I appreciated Capuano’s honesty and his hope that the school will set an example for other universities. His belief that we can show other schools how to make this difficult situation work should assure students that if they are socially responsible, he said, this plan of action can work. 

While many students are frustrated because of the uncertainty of the fall, we are not alone. Capuano said he feels much of the same anxiety because he just wants to keep everyone safe.

FDU chose not to raise the tuition this fall when the university is experiencing many more expenses because of COVID-19. Capuano also said there will be flexibility in the payments to the university for this fall as they know the pandemic has caused financial issues for many. 

While there are still a number of unanswered questions from the FDU community, The Equinox will continue working hard to find answers and post stories with the most relevant information. Many of the final steps for reopening are still a work in progress, Capuano said. 

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Speaking with President Capuano regarding fall 2020 via zoom.