EDITOR’s NEWSLETTER: Fireworks and The Equinox Summer Internship

Elizabeth Scalzo

Six weeks in and six to go for The Equinox summer internship. 

With one of the biggest holidays of the summer falling during the week, it was a time for lots of hard work during the week — and lots of fun over the weekend. My neighbors are setting off fireworks as I write this. Then again, central Pennsylvania is known for going big for the Fourth of July.

We started off last week with a new initiative, polling students about fall 2020. As answers from the administration regarding the semester are sparse, our curiosity led us to wonder what do the students actually want? The first poll ends tomorrow at 11:59 p.m. and we plan to have another coming soon.

Early in the week, President Christopher Capuano hosted a diversity forum for students and The Equinox’s Naniyah McClain reported. Our managing editor, Amaya Morales,  wrote about students’ questions on health and safety during the upcoming fall semester reopening.

The COVID-19 roundtable team also posted the third segment in the series covering dining when returning to campus. 

Kenny Lo took us to three New Jersey malls reopening last week.

The news seemed heavy this week with our first editorial posted about the lack of crisis communication from FDU. However, we ended on a lighter note, showcasing all of the fun online things to do for the July Fourth weekend by Jhoana Merino-Martinez.

As for me, I spent the Fourth of July with a few close friends, keeping our social distance and doing what people from central Pennsylvania do best — eating way too much food and setting off fireworks.

As The Equinox team powers through the rest of the summer, you can count on continuous coverage from journalists who are taking their time to find the truth and learn through our summer internship. 

This week we are challenging our staff with two workshops, one on photo stories and one on search engine optimization. In addition, expect a special edition roundtable about fall semester student life/programming to drop Thursday.

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Photo via Unsplash

The Equinox celebrates Fourth of July.