New Story View Record for The Equinox

By Elizabeth Scalzo


Week 5 was the most exciting week thus far for The Equinox summer internship. With new members and stories that broke reader records, the staff has reason to celebrate. And just before Independence Day, too.

With the last official coronavirus update from FDU posted on June 12,  The Equinox is striving to fill the information gap and provide community coverage available nowhere else. The Equinox team posted eight news articles last week as we work toward one goal: to provide the FDU community with the highest-quality journalism.

On Friday, Student Lifestyle Editor Kenny Lo memorialized those from the FDU community who have recently passed away. With 150 views and counting on Sunday night, the story sets The Equinox standard for most views so far this summer. It also allows us to pause and recognize our community beyond New Jersey’s borders and its lasting power over the decades.

On Thursday, Sports Editor Anthony Covino facilitated a special Roundtable with athletes discussing sports this fall as well as the Black Lives Matter movement at FDU. 

During the week, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut announced a directive calling for visitors from COVID-spiking states to quarantine for 14 days on arrival in the tri-state area. We reported that, including an official response.

Other stories from last week:

Many of our members have jobs or are taking advantage of hobbies and other fun summer activities while continuing to be steadfast writers for The Equinox. With reopening news occurring constantly, this is a balancing act of work and fun for our team.

Week 6 will bring more stories and a workshop for the staff on interview skills. Our third COVID-19 Roundtable will premiere on Thursday, focusing on campus dining.

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Photo by Elizabeth Scalzo

Breaking our most viewed story record is a celebration.