The Equinox Team Adds to Family

Elizabeth Scalzo


Week four was never-ending. With my dog in the animal hospital and continuous news to report, I was overwhelmed. The Equinox members were there for me in my time of need and we got through the week, while adding three new members to our team. 

At the beginning of week four, Amaya and I realized when meeting with Professor Krochmal that The Equinox needs to step up our social media game. The job was just too much for us to handle with our other responsibilities. We set out an Instagram posting for a new social media team and we had three prospects reach out, excited about the opportunity.

We welcome Naniyah McClain, Miranda Grullon and Chloe Colmenares to our social media team.

Monday was a busy day and high-traffic for the website because of the posting of the article “Athletes Seek Racial Sensitivity Changes in FDU Athletics” by Nancy Sanchez-Diaz. The roundtable staff members met to go over the plans for the health and safety edition of the roundtable series along with our scheduled general meeting.

When Tuesday came, I was hit with bad news. My 10-month old puppy, Pepper, was sick and not getting any better. Thursday, we admitted her into the animal hospital. And, as everyone from The Equinox has met her via our Zoom conferences, the team was there for me during this difficult time. She apparently swallowed a piece of toy and it caused a blockage. It has since passed and she is back to her old self.

Thursday, we had our first workshop taught by a member of the staff besides managing editor Amaya Morales and myself. Nancy Sanchez-Diaz summarized a course she took from Poynter and taught the staff about clean and concise writing. 

During the week, two other articles were posted, one regarding New Jersey’s requirements for colleges to reopen, a collaborative piece between Sports Editor Anthony Covino and myself. Amaya then wrote an article regarding Juneteenth to continue our reporting on Black Lives Matter.

We are almost halfway through the internship and with week five having two workshops, a special edition roundtable focusing on athletes, coronavirus and the Black Lives Matter movement on Thursday and the additions to our team, the excitement continues.

Photo By Elizabeth Scalzo

Pepper relaxing after returning home from the animal hospital.