FDU Freezes Tuition, Lowers Grad Costs, Disburses Fed Funds

By Jhoana T. Merino-Martinez

News Editor

FDU will freeze tuition for the upcoming academic year, President Christopher Capuano said in an update on June 12

Tuition for 2019-20 was $41,154. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic entering the United States at the beginning of the year, FDU switched to remote learning on March 20 and issued housing refunds for resident students. 

The continuing economic impact of the pandemic has students facing additional financial hardships as well as universities across the country. Some students have voiced a preference for a tuition reduction.

“While the University also is facing financial challenges due to the pandemic, we are committed now more than ever to helping our students afford an FDU education,” Capuano said.

On May 11, FDU received a CARES Act stimulus award of nearly $6 million and stated this week it has distributed funds to more than 1,600 students. This is in addition to the university’s Student Emergency Fund, which relies on the donations of the community to support students in need. 

Tuition has been on a steady annual increase:

  • 2016-17 totaled $36,976
  • 2017-18 totaled $38,418
  • 2018-19 totaled $39,686. 

The costs of graduate programs have also been reduced with a new per-credit cost for a variety of these courses, the university said. While an increase of fees is expected, they will be kept “as low as possible,” Capuano said. 

“We hope these measures provide some aid and relief for our students and families,” he added. “Most importantly we hope such measures enable our students to focus first and foremost on excelling in their educational programs and seizing all of the benefits that an FDU education provides.”