Mental Health Services Offered via Phone/ZOOM

By Nancy Sanchez-Diaz

Entertainment Editor

With the coronavirus pandemic ongoing and the semester over, students can still get mental health services through the university. 

The uncertainty of Summer 2020, a time many use to enroll in internship opportunities and jobs, has caused an increased amount of stress and anxiety. 

In its May COVID-19 guidelines update, the American College Health Association says:

“Many students are experiencing grief, disruption, and anxiety related to the changes. If students do not require psychotherapy, they may need an accessible, responsive venue for ongoing validation and support. Conversely, students with pre-existing depression, anxiety, and trauma are often more symptomatic during times of heightened stress and may require extra support in terms of more frequent contacts, sessions, and/or resources.” 

Metro Student Counseling & Psychological Services (S-CAPS) is available this summer for any student who is registered for summer and/or fall classes. 

“Among these students, anyone from any matriculated program can access our services by calling our telephone number and leaving a message and we will call the student back, or they may email any of the counselors,” Co-Director of S-CAPS David Mednick said in an email to The Equinox. 

Services will also be extended to alumni, but only with outside referrals local to them, said Mednick, a New Jersey licensed psychologist. 

Students who leave a message for S-CAPS will receive a phone call back from a blocked number and should be aware that it is not a spam phone call. 

Charles Imbimbo, FDU’s licensed clinical social work counselor, will also provide meditation workshops on Zoom for the entire FDU community Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the summer.
For anybody looking to manage any stress and anxiety amidst COVID-19, this might be helpful and can contact Dr. Mednick at for Zoom details. The phone number to contact S-CAPS is 201-692-2174.

Art by Elizabeth Scalzo

Keep your mind healthy during the pandemic.