Class Registration Causes Major Stress Before Finals

By Elizabeth Scalzo
News Editor 

Registration for fall 2020 classes, which began April 27 at 8 a.m., has frustrated students.

Jennifer Malti, a sophomore majoring in communications, told The Equinox that she found out about changes from friends.  

“I was ready to register days in advance until I found out I had to meet with academic advising. I didn’t realize until the day before my registration date that I needed an appointment with them,” she said via text.  

“I only found out because most of my friends were in the same situation. I was supposed to register on April 30, but I couldn’t even get an appointment until May 4. By the time April 30 rolled around, two of my courses were filled already and I had to remake part of my schedule,” she said. 

Many other students also struggled, including first-semester senior Jade Silva, an English major.

“I was supposed to register April 27 and, as of that morning, my account was still on hold despite being in contact with an advisor from academic advising the week before and then she just stopped responding to me. I didn’t even know there were issues with the system until I reached out to a higher-up in the department,” she wrote. 

“By the end of the night, I was finally able to register but I still had issues with having to switch classes that filled up and making sure the new ones worked with my degree audit. I had an advisor reach out to me about it, I responded, and here I am, days later, with no response.”

The communications issues did not just span across those who major in the arts. Science students also are having trouble registering for classes. Science students are required to take certain classes each semester that have limited availability. 

Viviana Mata, a junior majoring in human physiology, says the system is unintuitive for classes in her field. 

“As a science major, I’ve never been able to register fully online because sometimes the system doesn’t understand that you need both the lecture and the lab and the system sees it as the same class,” she said via text.  

“Having to register fully online this semester was difficult, but I did make it happen, thankfully. Science majors have certain courses we need each semester of each year, which makes getting into classes difficult to begin with.”

The pandemic has made many things difficult for students and registering for classes was no different.

 Many students might agree with Malti, who said via text, “I wish I could just walk my schedule to the Kron building and have this done simply.”





Online registration issues frustrates students, who just want to register for classes.