FDU Tightens Belt in Wake of Coronavirus

By Samantha Hart
Lifestyle Editor 

FDU President Christopher Capuano announced Monday that he would be furloughing certain campus employees in order to save money for the university as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Universities across the country are concerned about the upcoming semester and how to limit the number of cuts to academic programs, intramurals, activities, and clubs.

“We need to furlough employees because we need to reduce costs given that we anticipate declines in enrollment and revenue this summer and possibly next fall,” Capuano said via email.

Employees who have little to no work to do remotely, or whose position is not essential during this time, are subject to furlough. 

This cost-saving measure has students wondering what’s next on the chopping block. 

“We will do everything possible to not cut any funding for student clubs and activities,” Capuano said via email.

Capuano is hopeful the university won’t have to make any additional cost-saving decisions but understands this is an evolving situation that may change in the upcoming weeks and months.

A total of 205 employees on the two New Jersey campuses have been furloughed, or placed on a temporary leave of absence, and are expected to be absent from the university from April 27 through Aug. 10. 

Along with furloughing some employees and implementing a hiring freeze, Capuano and other members of the senior leadership team will be taking a 20% salary cut until further notice to further cut University costs. 

These savings will be reallocated to a relief fund for students and their families in need along with a downsizing of the school’s budget.

“I believe that leadership should demonstrate that they’re willing to make sacrifices before asking others to make sacrifices,” Capuano said via email.