FDU Keeps Up School Spirit Virtually

By Jhoana T. Merino-Martinez
Staff Writer

The Coronavirus epidemic has driven the United States to take drastic measures to contain the virus—leading to the shutdown of universities nationwide, including Fairleigh Dickinson University. While courses have shifted to online, the difference is undeniable. 

However, campus events are not cancelled, they are just adapting. 

FDU Florham Campus Life advertised on their Facebook and Instagram a new way for students to socialize based on interests, called “Friday Night Flicks.” Using the Netflix Party extension, students can sign up to watch shows or movies and use a chat box to talk with others in real time. 

FDU Metropolitan campus is hopping on the online-activity trend as well.

FDU Student Union’s Instagram released a letter to students as a post, addressing the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on student life. However, they made it clear that the account will not be inactive. 

FDU Student Union states that they will post challenges for its student followers directed to beating boredom caused by the quarantine. 

“We can find the ‘Knights’ spirit in supporting one another from a distance through encouragement and showing one another how we are finding opportunity in crisis,” FDU Student Union writes via Instagram post. 

While Admitted Students Day had to be postponed, FDU Admissions on Instagram offered prospective students to get their questions answered by chatting with FDU students. All they have to do is visit fdu.edu/chat to get started.

The Instagram account Fduwhatsnew still regularly updates with student profiles and occasionally collaborative features like “virtual pet therapy.” Students send in pictures of their pets in order to get featured on their story. 

FDU’s Honors Academy is taking it a step further—they are looking to adjust to a fully online honors program, by planning collaborative events with its members. 

They proposed an array of possible events, ranging from an honors trivia night, vocab tournament, pop culture scavenger hunt, and even a synchronous virtual museum tour. Then they asked their followers on Instagram which events they would prefer. 

These propositions alone are examples of how organizations like interest groups or Greek Life can not only keep in contact, but also keep spirits up during this crisis. 

However, these events can only work when people know about it. 

By taking advantage of modern technology, we can make this situation more bearable. If you find these events advertised on FDU accounts, join them, and if you’re not interested, share them with people who may be interested. By doing our part and encouraging these new types of social events, we can help more people be alone, together.