Public Safety Looks for Student Feedback Through Service Questionnaire and Survey

The Department of Public Safety has a mission to make the campus safe but also to provide service to all individuals.

Officers are trained to be courteous and professional.

The officers should be responding to any calls for service in a timely manner.

This may not always be the case and in order to correct any issues or concerns, I have to be made aware of them.

As the Director of Public Safety, I am looking for any feedback that can not only improve our services but also correct any issues or concerns.

On the new university website under the Metro Campus section, you will see that there is a Public Safety section.

In the Public Safety section, you will see that there is information on dealing with emergencies, parking information and a variety of other useful tips.

There is also a Public Safety Survey and a Public Safety Questionnaire.

The Public Safety Survey asks you to list the five most important service activities of Public Safety, any weaknesses you see, any changes you feel need to be made and your overall impression of the department.

The Public Safety Questionnaire asks you to rank helpfulness, friendliness, quality of service, professional conduct and response time. You can also add any constructive criticism, comments or recommendations.

Both of these can be printed and faxed to 201 692-2179 or emailed to

In addition, we have an inquiry, complaint and exceptional performance form. We ask for any feedback, good or bad.

If you do not want to fill out any forms, I am very easy to get in contact with. You can leave a voicemail on my office telephone, 201 692-2227 or email me at

I am always available to schedule and talk with anyone in either a group or individual setting.

I believe that if you provide quality feedback, good or bad, we can continue to make improvements so we can provide even better service to all members of the campus community.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Please remember to like the Department of Public Safety on Facebook at FDU Metro Department of Public Safety or on Twitter @FDUMetroPS.