Meet Three FDU Students Balancing Work and School

By Bailey O’Donnell
Staff Writer

Being a full-time student at FDU is no joke. Adding a part-time job can also add a major difficulty to the already challenging life of a college student. Having a job where you can crack a book is a luxury, but not all students are able to get these jobs.

Dylan Del Rio is a senior who is majoring in English. He works at the Bergen Family Community Center.

There, he works at the front desk, answering and transferring calls, buzzing people in and out of the building, and maintaining the cleanliness of the building. He works two days a week. Having a job and taking classes, can be very tiring for him, especially on Wednesdays, which he considers his busiest day of the week.

Students may often feel like they are under a lot of pressure because of their job and school work.

Ashamir Mohammad, a freshman majoring in political science, says that his job can be stressful if you do not have the proper time management skills. Mohammad works for the Network For Responsible Public Policy.

He is responsible for distributing flyers, getting students interested in events, and engaging in discussions with the network. Mohammad says that using your time wisely and putting schoolwork first is the better path to take in regards to school and stress.

“If the work is too much for you, it is ok to cut back a little. Remember to put your coursework first and remember to take care of yourself too,” he said.

There are also many benefits to having a job and being a full-time student.

Jasper Macatulad, a freshman studying finance, works as an office assistant for the Silberman College of Business. He works involved in working with students, administrators and professors, answering phone calls and helping various programs like the Outreach Program. Major benefits that Macatulad receives from working while in school are learning how to effectively communicate with clients/customers, gaining additional income to help pay for college and other expenses, and gaining real world skills.

There are many ways that students can successfully manage their busy work and school schedules.

“Time management is key,” Mohammad said.

Macatulad keeps up with his schedule by using a planner. He says this is the most effective way that he manages his meetings, coursework and work shifts.

“Try to make it manageable, try to find something you might like but can realistically squeeze in alongside your class schedule,” Del Rio said.




Hangue Park, Via Wikimedia Commons