From the Editor’s Desk: Remember November, It Matters

By Admir Durakovic

Donald Trump cannot win again this November.

The Equinox is no stranger to criticizing President Trump. Our opinion section was dominated by the bi-weekly Trump controversy in 2017.

Even before his policies enter the discussion, his conduct must be examined.

Trump told us that other countries were laughing at us behind our backs. Now, world leaders laugh at him to his face. Our relationships with our allies have deteriorated and we have let our rivals on the world stage walk over us.

Trump threw the Kurds, our allies in the Middle East, under the bus in his talks with the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

The peace treaty/ceasefire he “negotiated” gave Turkey and Russia the advantage in the region.

If our allies laugh at us, our enemies don’t respect us and if we are divided at home, that is a recipe for disaster.

President Trump and his revolving door of a Cabinet are short on friends both at home and abroad. 

China has made progress on its worldwide Belt Road Initiative while the United States has adopted isolationist foreign policies.

We are running away from the fight before it even begins and run the risk of losing our own influence as a (financial) superpower.

The manner in which Trump carries himself at home in the U.S. does not inspire hope either.

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose any voters,” Trump said. He proved it by proxy when the Republican-led Senate voted to acquit him of two impeachment charges.

Trump was caught in the act of abusing his position of power to gain leverage over a political rival and our system of checks and balances failed to preserve the balance.

The Democratic primaries are closing in soon. The Equinox Editorial Board will endorse a candidate for the presidency.

It is imperative that whoever is chosen to run against Trump receives all the support available to them.

Democratic voters who were upset that Bernie Sanders didn’t win the nomination in 2016 cannot turn their backs on another election.

Being able to vote in a democracy is a right that should never be taken for granted.

Everyone and anyone who cares about climate change, healthcare, the student loan crisis, international relations, global relations and more needs to pay attention closely this year.

Paying close attention means getting out to vote for the primaries.

The schedule of the primaries through March can be seen to the right

All voices should be heard when the polls open Nov. 3.

Don’t be someone who is eligible and doesn’t vote.




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