‘Changes’ in Justin Bieber’s Life

By Elizabeth Scalzo
Entertainment Editor

On Valentine’s Day Justin Bieber released another studio album after a five year break from his solo music career.

“Changes” can be said to reflect on Bieber’s life over the course of the last five years. The now 25-year-old is married and has been battling Lyme disease. Bieber announced his new album and his tour in January after releasing the song “Yummy.”

Many fans were excited about “Changes” but when “Yummy” came out many were left wanting more since the song lacked substance despite being catchy.

However, many of the songs on “Changes” appeal to young hearts in love which is appropriate considering the album came out on Valentine’s Day.

“Changes” almost reaches a sophistication within the album that has not been seen from Bieber before. Much of Bieber’s music could be referred to as juvenile but this time he created songs that are great for multiple audiences. For example, on his song “Habitual” the chorus speaks about love that is not just about a moment, but about forever.

Despite the few songs with a hint of sophistication, the rest of the album drowns in similar beats and songs that surround teen love and hookup culture which is the reality for teens today.

In the track named “Available” one of the most notable lines says “Say I’m number one on your to do list” which explains teen relationships perfectly.

“Changes” also has multiple guest appearances such as Quavo, Post Malone, Travis Scott and Kehlani.

These vocal features also make the album stand out from the standard pop album since there are hints of hip hop, R&B, and rap. In order to fit into the style of the featured artists the beats emulate their music style more than Bieber’s as shown when listening to his solo songs on the album.

The album overall has a lot of songs that follow the classic pop song formula of mild beats with repetitive lyrics and some form of a bridge. This formula works for artists everywhere and is the reason people could not stop playing “Yummy” even though the lyrics of the song lacked substance.

Artists have been following the same formula for years because that is what makes number one songs on the charts. No one can really be mad at that but after being featured on a number of tracks during his break many expected an album as good as his “Purpose” album.

“Changes” highly reflects the changes in Bieber’s style since “Purpose” but still follows a basic outline of what pop music should be and because of that, the album leaves something to be desired.





Justin Bieber traveled around the world on his ‘Purpose’ tour. Here he is playing a show in Illinois.