Public Safety Adds Tip Line and Online Reporting System, Protects Northpointe

The Department of Public Safety wants to welcome all students back. We hope that you had a wonderful holiday season and enjoyed the break. While you were away, a few new changes went into effect that you should be aware of.

As you may know, the university has installed a new telephone system on the campus.
Public Safety also did receive new telephones and we have added a tip line. In the event that you ever see anything on the campus and you want to report it anonymously, you can call our telephone tip line at (201) 692-2226 and leave a message.

This telephone tip line is in addition to our anonymous online reporting system. It is on the Metropolitan Campus Department of Public Safety section of the University website. It is called Silent Knight.

Both the telephone tip line and the online system allow anyone to provide information to the Department of Public Safety on any type of crime, incident or behavior. The person reporting does not have to provide their name or contact information.

One of the biggest concerns that we had involving pedestrian safety is the walkway in
front of Northpointe. Vehicles would ride on the walkway and in many cases would do it at a high rate of speed. In addition, vehicles would park on the walkway and that would cause an issue if there was an emergency.

In order to eliminate the safety concern, we met with the Teaneck Fire Official and we were able to get permission to install a bollard on each end of the walkway to prevent vehicle access. The bollards can be removed to allow access and we may do that doing periods of move in or move out from Northpointe. We are asking for every student’s cooperation in not driving on the walkway.

I state many times in articles that the security of the campus is everybody’s concern. We always ask that if you see something, say something. This does not just go for any incidents, but if you see any safety concerns such as lights out, broken doors, loose steps, or any other potential hazard, just let me know so we can get the repairs done.

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