Intramurals- More Than Just an Activity

By Bailey O’Donnell
Staff Writer

The fitness center hosted a men’s intramural soccer tournament on Wednesday, Jan. 29. This tournament only happens once a semester.

The tournament was really intense, and the players were hungry for victory. A total of four teams were fighting for the spring semester title of intramural soccer champions. Each team had four to six players. The preliminary rounds are eight minutes leading up to a 10 minute long semifinals and final match.

The players were giving it their all in the gym that night. Fifteen rounds of passion and determination kept spectators on their feet for the duration of the tournament.

“I’m really happy for the way we played today and I made some new friends so it was a good night,” Remi Betton said, an international student from France who is studying Sports Administration.

Intramural sports are essential to the life of college athletes. Typically, these are athletes that want to enjoy the sport they love without the pressure of being on the division 1 team.

Intramurals are a fantastic way to get involved in the university and to make new friends.

Betton, and his teammate Maxime Evers, found out about the tournament by looking at flyers on the bulletin board in the fitness center. Together, they were able to put together a team of six players that were determined to win the title and be crowned intramural soccer champions.

“I have played in a soccer team (back at home) for six years. Then, I played for my university in France,” Evers said. Evers is majoring in business.

Most of the players have strong interest and the experience of playing soccer back home. Intramurals give students a chance to continue doing the activities they love while staying active.

Friendship is another important aspect of intramural sports. Teammates make connections while bonding about their favorite activity. Intramurals also serve as a major stress reliever for these athletes.

“I feel great of course but it still involves teamwork. I feel proud when I make an assist,” Bettom said.

“Soccer is a good pressure that we just have to manage well, and we did that today,” Maxime said.

Intramurals are a great way to get involved, be active, and make friends.