From the Editor’s Desk: An Open Letter to the FDU Community

By Admir Durakovic

The Equinox is back with the same consecutive editor- in-chief for the first time since the spring semester of 2018.

This would not have been possible without the help of my staff and our academic advisor, Professor Krochmal.

My editorial staff and I spent long nights getting each issue in order and ready for print. Without their commitment the paper may not even reach the kiosks on campus, forget how good we got each issue to look.

At the start of this semester we already have expanded our team with the inclusion of sophomore business major Phoung Linzy Tran to help with our business expenditures. Barbara Riehl, former regional sales director at the New York Daily News, is also an exceptional leader who will help us expand on the advertising front.

The Equinox is also excited to continue working with the other schools in New Jersey as a part of the New Jersey College Climate Collaboration. This weekend on Saturday, Feb. 8, members of The Equinox will be traveling down south to Duke Farms to meet with the other publications for a collaborative journalism workshop.

Besides expanding our coverage on the climate crisis, we are also excited about covering more politics during an election year.

Being a voice for the community here on the Metro campus is our most important mission, as such, I am always interested in hearing not only the concerns students, faculty and staff have, but also any positive news they would like to share.

I realize that newspapers have fallen out of favor with the rise of the internet and social media. But there are still stories that won’t be covered and told. If The Equinox doesn’t cover the changes on campus, who will?

Taking on that responsibility is not an easy task. Most of the members of my staff, especially on the editorial board, balance
contributing to The Equinox with their schoolwork, jobs, other organizations and more responsibilities at home. With their help, The Equinox is able to provide FDU with the local news they would not be able to find elsewhere.

The legacy I want to leave behind when I graduate this May is one of a positive cultural shift surrounding The Equinox. I want to leave my successors with a solid foundation and a newspaper with a dedicated readership.

FC8DE14B-86EE-4E03-A847-4B012CF73E05Amaya Morales

New Jersey resident Barbara Riehl (above), former regional sales director at the New York Daily News, has offered to volunteer her time and expertise to The Equinox. She is helping us grow as The Equinox improves its advertisement sales.