Renato Stanisic Inspires Next Generation of Graphic Designers

By Nicole Fuchs
Guest Writer

Graphic designer Renato Stanisic visited professor Roger Greiner’s “Intro to Digital Media” class in the fall 2019 semester. He left the students with feedback and inspiration that will stay with them for years to come.

Stanisic came into Greiner’s class at the end of the semester to help students put the final touches on their booklet projects. Pinned up on the brown cork-board, he made sure to go over each individual project one by one, with critiques that immersed ideas and visualization that polished off each booklet. 

Throughout the course of the 2.5 hour class, he made sure to answer every question regarding the choices he made in his career and about his passion for his work.

My high-school experience, as a whole, was the catalyst of my graphic design career,” Stanisic said. “I was lucky enough to be accepted into the High School of Art & Design, NYC, at a time when both my friends, and family, were very negative toward a career in any art-related field. They simply did not understand the passion that I had to express myself.” 

Many questions were raised regarding who inspired Stanisic’s work and career ethics. He went on to explain how many artists had inspired him. 

“There are too many people to name that influenced me, but some of the designers are: Paul Rand, Raymond Loewy, The Bauhaus movement, and the Italian Futurists, etc,” Stanisic said.

One of the most prevalent questions asked was about his favorite projects and clients. 

“One of my favorite projects was with Professor Greiner, we teamed up to create a special promotion magazine for a custom client. We had a great time throughout the entire process, something that is never a given from project to project…it was perfect synergy,” Stanisic said.

“…Some of my favorite book projects were: ‘Howard Stern: Comes Again, ‘Stacy London,’ ‘The Robicelli’s Cupcake book,’ and pretty much all the books I designed for Hearst Publishing,.” Stanisic said. The eyes of the students lit up throughout the room when they heard the names of some of the biggest celebrities.

Many students have moments of doubt throughout their education on what to do, where to start, and where they want to end up. 

“The biggest challenge for me is staying true to myself. To approach every book with an original design, and to make sure I complete the assignment, as no designer ever wants to be given the dreaded kill-fee,” Stanisic said when explaining to the students that they were not alone, and that success is not always easy. 

Stanisic left the students feeling motivated and ready to finish off their final projects for the class. 

“I hope that the designers that come after me can challenge themselves to be original, to be professional, and to stay true to the core principles of graphic design, which is to communicate, motivate, and celebrate human expression,” Stanisic said.

IMG_8747Stanisic Visits FDU’s Graphic Design class

Via Roger Greiner