Snow Brings a Break … With a Price

By Aishwarya Gandotra
Special to The Equinox

Snow days are what every child hopes for during the winter season besides Christmas.
The night before a big storm, they wish to wake up to a recorded call from their school,
cancelling any activities for the next day.

For college students, snow days are a day to catch up on school work or catch a break.

FDU sophomore Isabelle Isamenscu loves snow days.

“We all need a day off once in a while,” she said. “I feel like snow days give families a chance to spend a day at home together. Most of the time, we are running around doing errands and going to school or work. But snow days force us to take the break we need, and relax with our loved ones.”

For educators like Maureen Vanacore, a Communications professor at FDU’s Metropolitan campus, snow days have a price. 

“Snow days give me a break, but it messes with my curriculum. I am not able to do the work that I need for that class with my students — which pushes us back a week,” Vanacore said.

With it only being the first week of December, and the winter season still waiting to
begin, who knows how many more snow days we will have in the new year.

This deadline article was written as part of Professor Mo Krochmal’s news writing class.