Resident Students Fill a Snow Day

By Cindy (Binh) Nguyen
Layout & Design Editor

FDU Metro campus was closed Monday due to heavy snow and rain. The first snow of the season gave students at FDU another day off after an extended Thanksgiving holiday break.

“All day and evening classes, and activities, have been cancelled due to the inclement weather,” said an email from Housing and Residence Life early Monday morning. While many commuters were excited about the news, residents who just came back to campus from home said that the announcements should be made earlier.

“If I knew school is closed today, I would have another two days to spend with my family as I don’t have classes on Tuesday,  said junior Manuel Perez, who drove more than four hours from Washington D.C. on Sunday.

Sophomore Adam Matter was rooting for an extra day without classes. “Of course I am happy,” Matter said, “but I don’t see the point why other places, like my part-time job, still require employees to go to work on days like this.”

Senior Demi Rodriguez shared how she would spend the day. “It happens to be Cyber Monday — that means I will have more time browsing my favorite brands.”

Junior Yara Bittar doesn’t have a lot of shopping to do but school closing gives her a chance to work on her project for class.

School hours lost to snow day may lead to a lack of instructional time. On the other hand, given the semester is coming to an end, class cancellations allow students to better prepare for final exams. Meanwhile, faculty gets more time to finish up the grades for the fall semester. Most importantly, by closing the campus, FDU guarantees the safety of both students and faculty.

This deadline article was written as part of Professor Mo Krochmal’s news writing class.