They Paved Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot

By Nicole Fuchs
Guest Writer

They definitely paved paradise at FDU Metro with nine parking lots for students, faculty and staff containing 2,528 parking spaces, according to Public Safety.

In a survey conducted on this reporter’s Instagram account, with 45 students responding, only 35% indicated they were content with the way the parking lots are set up, while 65% disagreed.

“The parking lots are really far from most buildings, and finding spots is particularly hard for me,” said junior Ashley Kiczek.

The next question asked was should there should be spots specifically for electric cars to recharge. Some 51% agreed there should be, even though it’s early in the adoption by consumers.

“I do not think electric cars are popular like that at all. I can not name a single time seeing one on campus,” said Laura Muñoz.

The survey’s biggest agreement came on the idea of putting a little more green between the parking spaces — 84% said FDU could help the environment by landscaping around parking lots.

“I believe more greenery in the parking lot could really make a difference to the lots on campus. It’ll be much more pleasing to the eye on top of helping the environment,” said junior Shea Sanders.

“I like the accessibility of the faculty lots, but I see a lot of unnecessary paved lots, particularly in the back by the foot bridge. There could have been a nice green space there,” Professor Michelle Kramisen said.





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