“Jesus Is King” Lacks a Hallelujah Moment

By Elizabeth Scalzo
Entertainment Editor

The music industry is extremely saturated with continuous new releases from big name artists to indie artists. Unfortunately, this makes it difficult for new music to gain listeners.

On Oct. 25 Kanye West released his newest work “Jesus Is King.” The album features 11 songs that follow a Christian music guideline. When Kanye first announced this album concept many thought it would be a gospel album. Although there are touches of gospel throughout a few songs, the style is the same as most basic Christian rap or hip-hop albums. 

The album is not fast paced enough to be played at a club, party or even the gym. But it is not slow enough to be played when sitting alone in the car either. The pace is an awkward medium for the majority of the album and could be sped up or slowed down to have a more effective use in people’s lives. 

The best song on the album by far is “Water.” It has a good beat and a gospel feel to it which does make the song more upbeat. The choir in the background enhances the chorus and gives the song a feeling of individuality.

As far as the rest of the album goes most of the songs are mediocre. One track, “Closed on Sunday,” references the fast food restaurant “Chick-fil-a,” which has no place in a song unless used as a form of satire. In the song, West says “Closed on Sunday, you’re my Chick-fil-a.” He is saying that the woman he is talking to is closed on Sunday’s presumably so they can pray, just like how Chick-fil-a is closed. 

Overall, the album lacks creativity and a feeling of something new. West of all people should know how difficult it is to make great music and then releases his ninth album without having a flow that works for most people.   

Within the first week of release, West sold about 110 thousand copies according to Headline Planet, which is more than 100 thousand under the estimated sales made by Billboard at 230 thousand copies. However, the album did debut at number one on the Billboard charts. The success of West’s newest record, despite it being heavily criticized, can be attributed to the reputation he has carved out in the music industry.

Many artists try to break into new genres. Maybe West has changed and this is the only type of music that he will produce going forward. But with a career that has consisted of eight number one albums, it would be a tragedy if his career fell through because of the mediocrity of this album, despite it debuting at number one.




Via Fox News