David Miles’ Guide to Rideshare Apps

Whenever using any ride-sharing service, there are things that you as a rider can do to stay safe.

1.      Plan ahead. Before you request a ride, think about where you are headed and review the safety features in the app so you know how to use them.

2.      Request your ride inside. Avoid spending unnecessary time outside alone with your phone in your hand. Instead, wait indoors until the app shows your driver has arrived.

3.      Get in the right car. Before you get in the car, check that license plate, driver photo, and driver name all match what is listed in the app. Ask the driver. “What’s my name?” – Uber rides can only be requested through the app, so never get in a car with a driver who claims to be with Uber and offers a ride.

4.      Avoid riding in the front seat – If you are riding alone, sit in the backseat. This ensures you can safely exit on either side of the vehicle to avoid moving traffic, and it gives you and your driver some personal space.

5.      Share your trip details with a friend. While en route, tap “Share status” in the app to share your driver’s name, photo, license plate, and location with a friend or family member. They can track your trip and see your arrival time without downloading the Uber app.

6.      Follow your intuition. Trust your instincts and use your best judgment when riding with Uber. If you ever feel you are in an emergency situation, call 911 immediately.

How to spot fake ridesharing drivers

1. Ensure the make, model and color of the car matches the Uber/Lyft description.

2. . Ensure that the license plate matches. If the license plate does not match, take a picture of the license plate, do not get in the car, and report the incident to local police.

3. Make sure that the driver matches their picture in the app and ask them their name prior to getting into the vehicle. If they do not resemble their photo and/or they do not provide the correct name, do not enter the vehicle and notify the authorities.

4. Do not enter the vehicle until you ask the driver “Who are you here for?”. The driver is always provided with the name of the person they are picking up. If the driver cannot identify you by name, then do not enter the vehicle.

Photograph the license plate and report the incident to the police

By designating Ride Share locations and providing the safety tips, we hope that all members of the campus community are safe whenever they use a Ride Share service.

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