Knights Fall to Princeton 4-0 in a One Sided Game

By Antonia Kokiadis
Staff Writer

The FDU Men’s Soccer  team went home empty handed this Saturday after a bitter loss to the Princeton Tigers at home.

While FDU put up an extraordinary fight, Princeton had the upper hand in this game. Frankie DeRosa, Princeton Junior Midfielder, set the mood for the game by scoring the first goal for the Tigers.  FDU started off strong, but Princeton’s team came prepared. Princeton blocked each pass and steered it around to their benefit.  

  FDU was caught off guard by Princeton’s quick speed and dexterity.  They hardly were able to make it across the pitch without having to rethink their strategy.  FDU attempted to break away from the Tiger’s grasp by steering them committing fouls to earn some free kicks. Princeton committed five fouls in each half to the Knight’s seven in the first half and four in the second half.

Princeton was not ready to give up that easy.  Moulay Hamza Kanzi Belghiti, Princeton Sophomore Midfielder finished the first half by scoring the team’s second goal of the night. The score was 2-0 heading into halftime. 

As the second half began, there was tension in the air.  The second half began more aggressively than the first. While fighting to even the score, each team became more riled up than usual, resulting in some intrusive shoves.  Despite FDU’s several pursuits to level the score, it did not stop DeRosa from scoring another goal. 

With twenty minutes left in the game, Benjamin Martin, senior midfielder finished the game with one more goal for Princeton. FDU tried to score at least once with their final four attempts, but could not get on the scoresheet before time ran out.  

“I don’t think we represented ourselves the way we would’ve liked to tonight.  I think we’re capable of doing better and we will need to do better if we want to be successful” says Head Coach Seth Roland.  Roland was not satisfied with the way the game ended, as well as the rest of the team. As said best by Roland, the team did not represent themselves the way they normally do.  

The FDU Men’s Soccer team will get the opportunity to bounce back Sunday in Moon Township at the conference game at Robert Morris University. Princeton will take on Drexel University on Tuesday at 7pm at Princeton.


steven ortiz

Red-shirt sophomore goalkeeper Steven Ortiz recorded one save in the loss.

Photo by Antonia Kokiadis