‘Ready or Not’: Should It Be Classified as a Horror Film or Just Horrible?

By Elizabeth Scalzo
Entertainment Editor

As October quickly approaches new horror films are on the rise. This cycle of releases for horror fanatics usually begins half way through August and will last all the way through October. One of the earlier movies that was released came out on Aug. 21, 2019, and titled “Ready or Not.”

The premise of the film is a family who became rich after their great grandfather made a deal with a rich traveler, and from there, he made his millions in the card and boardgame industry. Now a sweet girl, Grace, who struggled through a life in the foster care system is marrying into the family to the son named Alex.

Grace always wanted a family and even after the wedding, she still felt uneasy about how much Alex’s family truly cared for her. Alex then explained to her that in order to become a part of the family she must first play a game.

Once in the family room, Grace had the family history explained to her, and pulled a card which was hide and seek. Grace was given the objective to stay hidden until dawn. What she didn’t discover until hearing a gun shot is that her newfound family wasn’t only trying to find her, but trying to kill her.

Alex escapes the room he is kept in because the family believed he would be an interference and tries to help Grace escape throughout the film. Grace later finds out that when the hide and seek card is pulled that she has to die because the family is told if they don’t make a sacrifice their whole family will explode.

The simple idea of having Grace on the run was supposed to create the horror aspect in this film. However, the film had far more of a thriller feel.

Throughout the film Grace escapes possible death on multiple occasions, but continues to find a way to power through. Now the gore factor is on par with the lines of a horror movie. Grace suffers the most from it because of being on the run from death. The audience will experience many wound reveals with lots of blood, but does gore alone classify a movie as a horror movie?

While examining the movie there was a large amount of comedic relief. Alex’s sister Charity is the largest comedic relief throughout the movie as she accidentally kills several innocent people and questions why they can’t be used in the sacrifice. There are several jokes made about the sanity of rich people and how they will do anything, including sacrificing a human, to keep their money.

Overall, “Ready or Not” doesn’t seem to fall into one genre of film. While the film has the gore to match a horror film the rest of the movie seems like a thriller.

Now horror films and thrillers seem to go hand in hand in the thematic production scene currently, but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. Maybe that line is the amount of comedic relief allowed into the film or maybe the amount of jump scares given to the audience.

A film premised off of an innocent childhood game gone twisted could easily fit either category of horror or thriller, but overall the creators gave the audience a fast-paced movie that had intense plot twists and lots of blood which is on par with a traditional horror film. Horror season is officially here and movie goers everywhere won’t be disappointed.




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