From the Editor’s Desk: An Open Letter to the FDU Community

By Admir Durakovic

Being a part of The Equinox staff has been a tremendous experience for me during my FDU career. I’ve learned so much from my first year as a staff writer under then Editor-in-Chief Theresa King and former academic advisor Dr. Battistoli.

Last fall I was fortunate enough to continue that growth and work in a leadership role for The Equinox alongside then Editor-in-Chief Armand Butera and academic advisor Professor Krochmal. Working alongside all of them and the rest of the staff was an unforgettable experience I’ll always treasure.

This past spring I was slated to take over as Editor-in-Chief from Armand who had graduated in the winter. Unfortunately, about two weeks before the semester started, I was diagnosed with stage 2b Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The circumstances forced our would be managing editor, Maya Page, to step up into the editor-in-chief position. Alongside her managing editor Justin Rimpi, Professor Krochmal, and the rest of the staff, they were all able to carry on the flame of The Equinox and I couldn’t be more proud of the work they accomplished.

At the same time, all of my predecessors have left a very high bar for us to clear this school year. My goal will always be to improve, not only what we have been able to build so far, but to also build on and improve with every story we publish.

Many talented reporters and writers have returned to help The Equinox serve its community to the best of our ability. My interests and the editors’ interests will continue to be the same interests of the student body, faculty and staff, as well as the larger Teaneck/Hackensack community.

There is a lot of news to cover from campus events and changes, to local and national politics, and even climate change will be a major issue I plan to tackle this semester.

We are always happy to build upon our staff of writers, reporters, photographers, and designers. I encourage anyone who has an interest in working for The Equinox and serving and informing their community to reach out to us. Being a part of the paper has been a tremendous experience for me. We have an excellent and welcoming staff in place to help anyone become a better writer or designer.

I look forward to what is in store for The Equinox this year. I will be forever grateful to the entire FDU community for their support during my recovery period. The Equinox staff in particular were never far away from me this past spring and I look forward to paying them back for their compassion and their trust in me to lead them into this year.

The paper has already proven it doesn’t need me to exist and that is because of the excellent staff that work their hardest behind the scenes to become the voice this community deserves. Together we will all work to accomplish the goals we have set before ourselves. I cannot wait for our readers to see the fruits of our labor.

As a part of being the voice for the community, I am interested in hearing what our readers would like us to cover in future editions.

Please feel free to email us at, or message us on Twitter and Instagram @equinoxfdu.




IMG_9945Photo by Equinox