Campus Food: Upgrades or Just Changes?

By Elizabeth Scalzo
Entertainment Editor

It’s no surprise that students at Fairleigh Dickinson University Metropolitan Campus have a discrepancy with the food that is served on a day to day basis. Freshmen seem to have the worst of luck with having a meal plan that gives them an unlimited number of swipes to the Student Union Building’s (SUB) cafeteria. Many students dread eating at the SUB and for good reason with the limited options. One too many Taco Tuesdays is enough to drive any person crazy. The quality of the food had always just been average with the occasional really bad days. However, it seems the SUB has made some changes.

If you have ever eaten in the SUB you know there are some things that never change. There is always pizza, a salad bar, some sort of pasta, fries, grilled chicken, burgers and hot dogs. Then each day there is a different option for the main course they are serving.

There usually was two different sections in the main course that gave students a few options to choose from with protein, veggies and usually some sort of carb. Many students have noticed this year that since the food quality is seemingly better, there is only one option for the meal.

The SUB has added some new things for students to take advantage of. For example, the grill has extended their hours so students can receive things like cheesesteaks throughout the day. They also have been putting onion rings and sweet potato fries into the rotation, along with always having regular fries.

One of the food stations that was added is freshly made pasta. Before there was just a sad overcooked pan of noodles with watery alfredo or red sauce. This year students can choose their type of pasta, sauce, up to five veggies and meat if they want.

When speaking to some students about their thoughts on the changes to the SUB, the remarks were intriguing.

“I definitely think it’s obvious that they’re trying to make some changes,” sophomore Adam Matter said. “I mean did you see how sad the pasta station was before. I just don’t know if they will keep up with the changes as the weeks go on. The food has always seemed better at the beginning of the semester.”

It will be interesting to see if the food stays at the current new quality. With some new staff, the students can hope the food won’t fall back to the previous state of mediocrity.

The SUB isn’t the only campus eatery to have made some changes. Riverside Café has changed their menu this semester and some students aren’t exactly happy about it.

Riverside Café used to be home to freshly made sushi and teriyaki bowls, but during the spring of 2019 they disappeared. This was simply because the chef who was in charge of making these items has left the university.

Even though these two big menu items have disappeared, it hasn’t stopped students from stoping in at Riverside Café. This may be because of the Starbucks within Riverside Café and the fact that they are offering rewards.

While you can’t use Starbucks gift cards on campus, junior Lexi Martinez disclosed that if you purchase anything that is considered a specialty drink you can receive a stamp card that you can earn a free drink with.

Campus food seems to be improving, even if it is only by the tiniest of steps. But any improvement is great for our campus. To all the freshmen, use your flex dollars wisely because there may be a time where the SUB food does go downhill again, but only time will tell.



IMG_9966FDU Students Enjoying the Updates at the Dining Hall.

Photo by Admir Durakovic