Organization Fair 2019

The Equinox was in attendance at the Fall 2019 Organization Fair, and so were other student organizations. Editor-in-Chief Admir Durakovic was there to photograph them on campus. If there’s a story you would like to share about your organization, contact us at or follow us at @equinoxfdu.

All photos courtesy of Admir Durakovic


use thi BARKADALeft to right, top to bottom: Kalyssa Nufable, Sam Rivera, Ediza Koch, Nikki Dimayuga, Danielle Hipolito, Bryan Tapia, Christ Hernandez.

Bryan Tapia
There were a lot of freshmen today, it’s good to see the freshman coming out to learn about the school community.



use this BMALeft to right: Jonathan Aboky, vice president and Steffon Tucker, public relations

Jonathan Aboky
My favorite thing about the org fair was everybody coming out, everybody seeing the different organizations, and people finding their interests. It was nice, I think it’s good for the community.