Greek Week as Told by Greeks

By Elizabeth Scalzo
Staff Writer

Spring Greek Week at the Fairleigh Dickinson Metropolitan Campus has always been an exciting time. Organizations are showing off their new members, competing on teams together, and most importantly representing their organizations. As a new member myself I was excited for all of the activities that were to come during the action-packed week.

Starting Monday April 1, the Greeks were split into three teams for window wars which was held at Riverside Café. All day members from each organization were in and out of Riverside working on their windows. The windows must represent each organization.

The second day of Greek Week was a day for organizations to set up tables in the Student Union Building (SUB) and talk to students about their organizations. This is also a time for all of the Greeks to see one another all in one place which rarely happens.

The third day of Greek Week was the notorious Meet the Greeks event. The event is high energy with each organization introducing themselves and a brief description of what they do. Then, the real fun begins after the introduction.

Each organization performs in some way whether it be dancing, strolling, or stepping everyone leaves the crowd roaring in applause. Meet the Greeks is by far one of the highest energy parts of Greek Week.

The fourth day of Greek Week consisted of a Greek social media takeover. On Thursday April 4, Greeks went to different offices all over campus to visit, explain the services offered there, and give back to the FDU community.

Finally, it was Saturday April 6, and the highly anticipated event, Greek Ball, was upon us. Greeks from every organization showed up to check-in and head out to Greek Ball. The Ball consisted of dinner, awards, and lots of dancing.

The most exciting part of the night was the awards. There are awards for academic excellence, community relations, outstanding philanthropy work, and chapter of the year that are presented first. Chapter of the year went to Lambda Sigma Upsilon (LSU) and this was not the last of their awards. Man of the year went to Luis Maravilla from LSU. Women of the year went to Yani Horge from Omega Phi Chi (OPC).

Most likely to stroll was taken by Jamill Gemosen from LSU, most crafty was awarded to Cameron Sabatino and Jordyn Dean both from Alpha Sigma Tau (AST), and cutest Greek couple awarded to Jessica Samburchan from OPC and Shawn Ajavon from Alpha Phi Alpha.

After the awards the Greeks danced the night away. The night included a mix of the top hits, Spanish music, and several throwbacks to the earlier 2000s.

Greek Ball is an experience like no other and is definitely appreciated by the Greek community as a way to come together and celebrate the hard work that each organization puts in all year long.

After interviewing several members from just about every Greek organization on campus, it is safe to say that there are a few things that the entire Greek community looks forward to during Greek Week.

Jessica Samburchan from Omega Phi Chi Multicultural Sorority said, “I love seeing everyone in the Greek community repping their letters and coming together to celebrate our organizations that we work hard for all year long.”

Jamill Germosen from Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latin Fraternity Incorporated said, “My favorite part is the social media takeover because it gives us a chance to give back to the community at FDU.”

Overall, my first Greek Week as a Greek was a really fun experience. Getting to know people from different organizations that I might not talk to normally helps me to expand and grow as a person. My favorite part of Greek Week was getting to meet people from other organizations and come together for something that is much bigger than ourselves.




Lambda Sigma Upsilon Ciguayo Chapter at Meet the Greeks

Photo by Manuel Malcampo