Tips For Beating Finals Season

By Katie Hernandez
Staff Writer

Before summer begins and students turn on vacation mode, there is still work to do to prep for final exams. Nothing is more stressful than having to prepare yourself to take four, or more, different exams for different classes. Here are just a few helpful tips to make the last week of finals pass a little faster and be less stressful:

1.) Organize yourself: Planning ahead is a good thing to do, especially when you have to study for a different exam each day. Make a schedule, and follow it, for what you want to study each day. This way when it comes to taking the exam you can have confidence in passing.

2.) Don’t skip your sleeping schedule/meals: Many college students no longer have to live under the rules of their parents. It means getting up early and eating three courses a day, most likely gets thrown out the window. However, what many young students don’t realize is that they’re just causing more stress on themselves. Even though you don’t have to wake up everyday at six in the morning, it doesn’t mean that you should wake up at three in the afternoon either. Keeping the same sleeping schedule, even on weekends, is important. Also, remembering to eat should be top priority for a college student, otherwise food is the only thing in their mind while studying.

3.) Reward Yourself: Even though studying 24/7 seems like the ideal way to pass an exam, it’s actually not a good thing. The only thing that will come out of it is getting your brain fried. It’s mentally exhausting studying for hours, so a good thing to do is reward yourself each hour you’re studying. A reward could be something like enjoying a snack, or having 15 minutes to yourself, which can release the tension that you are feeling.

4.) Hang Out with Friends: Friends are good to have because they distract you from events that are stressful in life right now. Plan study groups together so you guys can help each other out. Or you can do something fun with them, like going out to dinner, watching a movie, or crossing out something from your bucket list. Have a “Stress Relieving Day” before your exams.

5.) Exercise: Exercising is probably the least favorite thing to do for some students. Hitting the gym can also be the last thing that people are worried about since finals are coming up. However, getting up and blowing off some steam can help yourself mentally and physically.

6.) Remember You Are Not Alone: Even though it may seem that the whole world is falling on top of you, its not. The fact is that people can handle stress differently. Everyone is stressed out about exams and it’s okay to admit when you need help. Don’t be afraid to just pick up the phone and call someone you feel close to and tell them how your feeling. Also remember that FDU does offer FREE counseling and just because it’s the end of the semester doesn’t mean that it’s too late to drop by.