‘The Equinox’ Receives 5 NJPA Awards

By Maya Page

The Equinox is proud to announce its continued tradition of being an award-winning publication, honored by the New Jersey Press Association.

President Capuano has congratulated The Equinox on our awards and continuing journalism excellence.

“This great recognition just confirms what we already know at FDU: The Equinox is an outstanding publication and website, and provides students with an exceptional learning opportunity to cover important stories and help provide our community with the information and knowledge they need to become active and involved members,” said President Capuano.

Competing against all student-run college newspapers throughout the state of New Jersey, The Equinox received awards in five different categories.

The 2018-2019 New Jersey College Newspaper Contest results:

• General Excellence, Third Place: Cindy Kim and Maya Page

• Layout & Design, Third Place, “Issue 7, Page 1,” “Issue 6, Page 1”: Cindy Kim and Maya Page

• Overall Website, Third Place: Cassandra Gilbert and Maya Page

• Arts & Entertainment/Critical Writing, Second Place: “Spider-Man Swings Into the Spotlight,” by Admir Durakovic

• Photography, Second Place: “Beauty of British Columbia,” by Dustin Niles

The New Jersey Press Foundation, which runs the competition, was established in 1962 and is a pre-eminent arbiter of good journalism. Per its mission statement, the foundation seeks “to help develop the next generation of journalists and informed citizens, and to promote the importance of a free press to our democracy.”

These awards are a symbol of our staff’s dedication to great journalism and producing a product that we believe is valuable to the community. As the Editor-in-Chief of The Equinox this semester, I have watched my team grow and learn from both our mistakes and successes.

Leading a newspaper comes with many challenges, tireless nights, and unpredictable days. However, receiving these honors amongst many other great aspiring journalists at the Awards Lunch on April 13, made me realize that the struggle is well worth the rewards.

It has been a humbling experience not only to be recognized by the NJPA, but to be a part of The Equinox. This experience has been the highlight of my four years at FDU, and although my time as Editor-in-Chief is up, I know that The Equinox will continue its success as an award-winning newspaper next year.


President Capuano with The Equinox staff.
Photo by Mo Krochmal