Khalid’s New Album Tops the Charts

By Elizabeth Scalzo
Staff Writer

On Friday April 5, Khalid released a new album titled ‘Free Spirit.’ According to Billboard, the album debuted at number one, which is Khalid’s first full album chart topper. The R&B album is said to be the first in almost a year to top the charts.

Khalid recently collaborated with Shawn Mendes on his self-titled album in the song “Youth.” The R&B artist’s true tones showed through on the song and made many fans even more excited for his third album release. The album includes 17 new songs that all have a slow R&B vibe and are perfect for studying or hanging out with friends.

As true to most R&B albums, the majority of the songs have a slow pace with a repetitive chorus and a few simple hooks. Some of the songs however stand out more than others, such as ‘Don’t Pretend’ featuring SAFE. This song has a more acoustic feel and is different than all of the songs that prelude it.

The majority of the song’s lyrics follow the concepts of love, heartbreak, and the things that go along with relationships like someone blowing up your phone or not being able to get someone off your mind. One of the most lyrically different songs is ‘Hundred,’ which relates to the fast-paced lives we live and having one-hundred things to do in a day.

The song the album is titled after, ‘Free Spirit,’ talks about wanting a forever, but being a free spirit by living with no regrets. This is incidentally the overall point of the album. Even though so many things happen in life and you may fall in and out of love, it is not worth it dwell your life away on it and regret things.

The end of the album is about self-reflection and that it is okay to not be that free spirit all of the time. In the song titled ‘Self,’ the lyrics reflect bettering yourself and changing yourself because you want to be a better version of who you are now.

Overall, Khalid’s message is about how things in life can become overwhelming, however sometimes you have to let your worries fly away. Sometimes you just need to focus on more superficial things like just being a free spirit every now and then.

The powerful artist leaves each song with an individual message which becomes more serious as the album continues on. The final song titled ‘Saturday Nights,’ wraps up the concepts of love, struggle, and growing as a person all into one.

Khalid once again left his fans excited and enjoying new music with a deep meaning.